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Target groups

voksen lang arm dyp 600pxTarget groups for you as a distributor of Medlite Aquastop; People in all ages and both sex that have a cast, bandage, minor cuts and bruises that need to be protected during bath, shower or water activities. Can be sold to pharmacies, orthopedic shops, sport equipment shops, hospitals etc. Contact us today if you are interested in distributing Medlite Aquastop in your market.

Sizes available

Size Bag length* Limb circumference*
Short arm 21” 53 cm 8”-11” 20 cm - 28 cm
Long arm 33” 84 cm 9”-15” 23 cm - 38 cm
Short leg 21” 53 cm 11”-18” 28 cm - 46 cm
Long leg 38” 97 cm 15”-24” 38 cm - 61 cm
Child (2-10 years)    
Arm 21” 53 cm 7”-10” 18 cm - 25 cm
Leg 28” 71 cm 10”-13” 25 cm - 33 cm

* Measure cast length for best fit.

Instructions for use

Watertight seal is created by removing excess air. Read instructions carefully before using.

For showering
1. Pull Medlite AquaStop over cast or bandage.

For bathing or swimming
1. Pull Medlite AquaStop over cast or bandage.
2. As Medlite AquaStop is submerged, continue releasing air until all air is forced out.

It is very important to remove excess air from Medlite AquaStop to ensure watertight seal.

3. Before the opening is submerged, check for uniform seal around arm or leg.

Caution: Wet plastic is slippery. This is not a toy, keep out of reach of children.
To be used for cast and bandage protection of the arms and legs only. To prevent ripping, do not trim with scissors.

This product is for single patient use only.

Available in six sizes

Can be used several times